About Me
Industrial Designer with over 8 years professional experience and an MDes in Product Design. 
I currently work in a furniture design role at OMK Design/ OMK 1965
OMK 1965 is a furniture collection curated from Rodney Kinsman's body of work. In addition to looking after the production of the current range, I am working on re-engineering previous products for modern production. OMK Design are specialists in public seating and my role is to oversee all design data as well as designing new products for public spaces.
Previously I worked in a consultancy role at GX covering a wide range of industries such as consumer, life science, automotive and cosmetic. 
Across all roles I have been the sole visualiser - creating product renders for clients and for marketing materials. 
In my spare time, I have been involved with OpenIDEO as a community prototyper and I have created branding for a drinks company as well as a podcast.
When I am not designing, I am an avid photographer, shooting digital and film. And when I am not behind a camera, I am most likely restoring one, or possibly tinkering with my modified 3D printer.
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